Because the little things are the big things.

Operations Manager + Event Producer

for those looking to Get out from underneath their bus-i-ness

and into their business

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You need to be the designer, the coach, the marketing maven.

You do not need to be the person sending contracts, reconciling credit cards, on-boarding new hires, making sure sponsors show up on time and the wifi works.

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Hey I’m Jess!

I LOVE juggling all of the logistics that it takes to run a business and produce an event. The little things truly are my BIG things.


I’m here as the backbone, so you can...

Produce the podcast.

Launch the course.

Speak to thousands.

Throw the Pinterest party of your dreams.


Stop Dropping Balls

Where could you use a little logistics juggled?  


For those looking for assistance in adding the new client to the email list, responding to FAQ’s, delegating action items in Asana/ Trello, managing the editorial calendar, creating timelines, and…. SO MUCH MORE.

Manage Operations


For those looking to getting that blogger a booth, the sponsors’ contracts signed, the chairs ordered, the registration codes administered. In short.. A hand held until you reach the finish line.

Producing the Event


For those Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers looking for a mentor to navigate their growth and growing pains (you know the days when your 9-5 sounds like a dream) with.



20 minute SOS call


For those planning their parents wedding anniversary, weekend festival, or concert, or...


for those who have no idea what they need, but know they need a hand or seven.


What She Said…


I have co-owned a company with my husband for 20 years but when it came to going "virtual" with our office, I needed help. We partnered with Jessica to help us do that but also to take over daily administrative tasks so I could more effectively manage our business. She quickly became so much more - rising to the challenge of becoming my business coach. Jessica's ability to listen and understand the struggles of being an entrepreneur helped me feel safe on this new journey. She coached me through new technology as well as develop new systems that were now needed. We work as a team and I feel this partnership is extremely effective but more importantly is the frienship and relationship we have - I know that she's got my back. I feel heard and understood. Then, she takes me through some thought provoking questions helping me to find my own answers and what is best for me in my business in this particular season or level I am at. I am so happy I hired Jessica - she is a strong, confident leader in her field and also an understanding, transparent, real person whom I can trust not only with my business but my heart.

- Denise Foery, Black Diamond Tree Service