Because the little things are the big things.

Meet Jess the Juggler

Close up (1).jpg

I love to plan…

I love to produce…

I love to juggle logistics because to me, the little things ARE the big things.

And I lllooovvveee being responsible for every detail. While many shy away, ignore the obvious because its too messy or become overwhelmed by the laundry list of to-dos, I rush in for the rescue. Managing details and creating systems are “in my bones” as my Mom would say….and always have been.

When friends & family shake their head in amazement at my level of excitement managing details, I laugh all the way to our local office supply store; post-it notes, Vera Bradley file folders and colorful markers make each project come to life.

Each project needs it’s own personality.
Each project is unique and tender.
Each project has its own story.

Of course I can’t do any of this without my love (Kevin), our barking ball of fluff, Lucy Belle, a mini-goldendoodle, our extended family and magical friends who make decompressing fun.