Because the little things are the big things.



in business it’s not ALL about the business.


It’s about taking care of you.

YOU are the most important person in your business.  

If your needs are not met, it’s only a matter of time before the needs of your business follow suit.

it’s natural to want to throw in the towel when…

  • You make mistakes that frustrates a client.

  • You work too late into the night, weekend, vacation and frustrate your partner.

  • You miss out on family time to drive 10 miles out of the way to find wifi to Instagram for a client, instead of admitting you are not available.

  • You fear your phone, as it has now become a source of pain, rather than pleasure.  

  • You cannot let that email or text go unanswered.  You just can’t.     

  • You make yourself available to accept “emergency projects” only to end up over promising and under delivering.


  • You lose that client you gave your ALL too.

  • You have no clue where that next client is going to come from.

  • You fill up with fear wondering how in the name of Pete you will pay for life. 


You start questioning and doubting all of the gumption and ammunition that allowed you to start this journey.


Hang tight…

as all of this can feel like a blip on the radar when you have someone to lean on, vent to and process your thoughts of re-joining the 9-5 world you swore you would never go back to. 

Someone to remind you to dedicate time to your business by finding ways to build your passive income. 

Someone to remind you to set boundaries, time for yourself, and ensure that, yes, you really are worth it.  

Someone to rejoice with when you land that new client that feels as good as landing a first date with Mr./Ms. Wonderful.  

Someone to remind you how far you have come and just how many skills you have.  Loading a new Wordpress plug-in and setting up a new RSS feed is not for the weak. 


In 8th grade I was voted Most Sincere by my classmates. Turns out, they saw something in me then that has proved to be the common thread in all of my greatest accomplishes.

 It really does pay to give a damn.

As an unconventional educator for 14 years, I woke up each day to guide, mentor and witness the growth in my students.  And when that journey ended, I naturally found another way to lend my helping hands through supporting brilliant entrepreneurs as they embark on their business journey.

The thing with the entrepreneurial voyage is… nobody really warns you about the loneliness you encounter on it.  As I began my online business, I was unprepared for the wave of emotions.  One day I was feeling all the euphoria and momentum that comes with success and the next day I was sleuthing Indeed for corporate positions, certain I would be without food and shelter by month’s end.  Your business is your baby and you truly feel all the feels when your baby is out into the big, bad world.  

I had people to celebrate my victories with,  but I had nobody to turn to when I wanted to wave my white flag and head back to the 9-5 world. I want to be that somebody for all of those in the virtual world who need a reminder that this is all part of the job description and that with the triumphs there are bound to be a significant amount of turbulence.  


I have co-owned a company with my husband for 20 years but when it came to going "virtual" with our office, I needed help. We partnered with Jessica to help us do that but also to take over daily administrative tasks so I could more effectively manage our business. She quickly became so much more - rising to the challenge of becoming my business coach. Jessica's ability to listen and understand the struggles of being an entrepreneur helped me feel safe on this new journey. She coached me through new technology as well as develop new systems that were now needed. We work as a team and I feel this partnership is extremely effective but more importantly is the frienship and relationship we have - I know that she's got my back. I feel heard and understood. Then, she takes me through some thought provoking questions helping me to find my own answers and what is best for me in my business in this particular season or level I am at. I am so happy I hired Jessica - she is a strong, confident leader in her field and also an understanding, transparent, real person whom I can trust not only with my business but my heart.

- Denise Foery, Black Diamond Tree Service




1. Reach OUt

Complete + Submit the Form below


2. Jess will Email You Back

With a link to her calendar to schedule 30 minute complimentary call to see if you are a match made in heaven. If you’re not a heavenly match then Jess will refer you to someone who is.


3. During the 30 minute call…

if you are two peas in one pod then you will embark upon deciding which package is best for you. (See package below).





1 X 90 minute call.  

Just a check-in.
Walk through having lost your first client or just to have some one-on-one advice as to what is the next best step.  You’ve launched your website, you have your business cards, your chase account is all lined up, so what’s next… a mastermind group, developing a course, creating your first e-book?...
You get undivided attention. No distractions.  Just you.  ‘Cause could use an ear.



1 month- 2 x  60 minute phone calls.
Unlimited email support.

Get all of the above, plus massaging (yes, massaging).
Follow-up… someone to be there when.  Someone to be the person who has your back that is not your husband, your best friend, someone who gets the business you’re in and knows.
Because you are supporting the entrepreneur and you need to feel supported too.




3 months-  6 x 60 minute phone calls  
Unlimited email support.

Everything above, but establishing a cadence.  Holding you accountable to these sessions.  Because you reached out when things were really good or really bad.   You need it, but you don’t always know you need it. 
This is your insurance policy to keep your ship from sinking even when it’s seemingly afloat.  

*Payment plans available


Jess was such a bright light in my business. She's highly dependable, quick on her feet, and treats your business as her own. I highly recommend her!

-- Becca Piastrelli, the Dabblist