Because the little things are the big things.

support from Jessica Gulley-Ward. 


the multi-tasking maven that allows you to marinate in the magic of…


You scour Pinterest for the visual,

I’ll take care of the rest.


Event Production

I was an event producer before I knew how to spell the word. I managed my siblings athletic schedule and my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary like a champ.

When I grew up, I was the Student Activities gal at Amherst College, Southern Vermont College and Williams College. Planning activities with students & teaching them how to balance budgets, manage load-in timing and watching it all come to life was a dream come true.

We produced First Fridays, Senior Week Activities, New Student Orientation, produced concerts such as The Roots, Third Eye Blind and Guster (to name just a few.) The thrill of the event and the excitement in my students eyes watching the event come to life was beeeeeyond!

Then, I was fired and Juggling Logistics was born.

Today, I’m producing large conferences, managing operations for women entrepreneurs and building courses to empower other women to do the same.

When anyone needs T’s need crossed and I’s dotted, I’m your gal.

I manage the tables that bring your decor to life and how many servings of Quinoa Salad you’ll need.


Operations Managed

Organized inbox. Be the Martha of Gmail. You no longer need to spend 10 minutes looking for that canned response, proposal, intake, questionnaire, or testimonial. Outer order = Inner Calm.

An editorial calendar. Tell your blog who’s boss. Sleep soundly as your blog posts sit pretty just waiting to launch on their designated day. Steep in the relief of a completed post.

Last minute formatting. A blog post minus the grammar and formatting snafus uploaded to Squarespace, Mailchimp or Wordpress. There you sit sipping your coffee as your beautiful blog goes live with all of its i’s dotted and t’s crossed.

Charming graphics. Images that get eyebrow raises not eyeball glazes at your fingertips to put with your blog and social media posts. Suddenly that big launch feels doable when another time consuming line item has been removed from the list.

Clients that are MANAGED. That brand new client’s contract has been created and sent. The Paypal link and automation- done. All on-boarding paperwork is dispatched into the hands of your new patron. All time trade links are released and schedules are set. You carry on doing the work that you do best without dropping one teeny, tiny ball.


Jess is a joy to work with. Her care shows up in all areas from her customer service emails to her social media plans. She is loyal, loving, detail oriented and incredibly invested in doing a good work.

- Sarah Jenks Founder of